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Raise your hand if you thought this was the best Homeland episode ever?

Tonight we saw the return of Abu Nazir, so if you are all caught up and want to discuss what went down tonight lets get right to it!

Here are some key moments from "Beirut is Back," plus scoop on what's coming up next (considering that ending was INSANE!):

Abu Nazir is in Beirut: After hiding out, Carrie meets up with her asset who ends up having intel on Abu Nazir. The source informs Carrie her husband and Nazir are meeting in Beirut the next day, and she will give the CIA the location in exchange for five million dollars and transportation back to the States. The problem?

Carrie met the source solo, sans Saul, and the CIA isn't exactly trusting Carrie's judgment. After being filled in, Estes and Special Ops are concerned the meeting is a trap to lure them in, but Carrie has full faith in her asset.

Why you should listen to Carrie!: The US has been bombing Iran's nuclear sites, and Iran has threatened to retaliate. Now an asset comes forward with info that may head off a possible attack on American soil? Clearly Iran is trying to make good on their threat and are is getting ready to fight back through Abu Nazir. In the end, it's Saul's decision whether the mission is a go.

The Brody's: Meanwhile back at home, Jessica continues to hobnob with Mrs. Walden, and we see some sort of relationship develop between Dana and the Walden's son Finn. Romance alert! Uncle Mike pays a visit to Nick Brody and asks him to look into Walker's death and the shooting of Elizabeth Gaines, because Mike isn't buying what went down.

"I've never been so sure and so wrong": Carrie tells Saul being wrong about Brody seriously effed her up, oh, and that entire scene shows why Claire Danes won an Emmy and why she should win another one. Carrie says even she can't even trust her own thoughts, so she understands why no one else would, but the "old Carrie" who recruited the asset, that's who Saul should trust. And he does. Mission's a go—time to get Nazir!

May 1: Carrie and Saul are listening in from Beirut, Estes is watching from Langley, while VP Walden, the Joint Chiefs and Brody—who scored an invite thanks to his new BFF—are watching from the Pentagon. Just as Carrie's source said, Nazir shows (anyone else do a fist pump for Ms. Mathison?). Once Brody realizes the mission is to take out Nazir, Brody texts "May 1" under the table, tipping him off in the nick of time. The snipers do hit two other targets, but Nazir gets away.

A daring escape: Carrie still doesn't know how to take orders. Isn't that why we love her? She and Saul pick up the asset, but before they can drive away, Carrie runs into the source's house. Since her husband was the one meeting Nazir, surely there must be some valuable information there, right? Carrie grabs whatever she can from the guy's office, stuffs it in a bag she grabs from the table and makes it back to the car (barely) in one piece. Then it's home to the States.

The Brody files: Remember the video recording Brody made in the season one finale before strapping on the bomb, which he failed to blow? "By the time you've watched this you will have read a lot of things about me, about what I've done." Yes, THAT one! It turns out that video tape was in the bag Carrie grabbed in Beirut at the asset's home. Saul finds the recording and watches it. 


Carrie's not so triumphant return: After Beirut, Carrie expects to be reinstated to the CIA, but it's not going to be that simple. But now that Saul knows Carrie was right about Brody, will he ask her for help? Or will Carrie be left in the dark? Lets just say the ending to next Sunday's episode is once again epic.

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