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"You have no idea. Right now, you have like the tip of this giant iceberg of what that story is. It's nuts."

Kind of crazy to think that what Kerry Washington told us about the aftermath of Scandal's big reveal is a bit of an understatement, right? In tonight's episode of ABC's guilty pleasure, Shonda Rhimes teased fans with more information about Quinn's (Katie Lowes) case and just how big it actually is. (Spoiler alert: It's freakin' huge.)

Plus, one of Olivie Pope & Associates' members is starting to go off the rails, and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) experienced a breakthrough with his challenging wife. We talked with Washington, Lowes and several other Scandal stars about what fans can expect from the fast-paced series going forward...

Viewers were given one mother of a tease when it was revealed that little Quinn Perkins could bring down the entire U.S. government if the truth about her was ever revealed. Says who? A Supreme Court Justice, Verna, played by Everwood's Debra Mooney, who made a quick appearance at the end of the episode to drop that bombshell.

"It's pretty effing big. The Quinn Perkins case is as a big as you could possibly imagine it to be. It goes all the way up the ranks and the conspiracy is huge," Lowes says. "I don't even know where it ends as of yet. We're on episode seven and we don't 100 percent know, but it's looking like it's going all the way.

While Quinn isn't aware of what exactly is going on, "She knows that it's part of something huge. She knows that it's part of some very big conspiracy and that's Quinn's journey thus far: who can she trust, who knows what," Lowes explains. "That's why she's back in the office [in episode three], she's got a mission of finding out what the hell happened to her life."

Washington couldn't say much about where the Quinn mystery is heading, but she teases, "There's a lot more to unfold and in ways that we kind of panicked a little bit. There was a scene coming up that made us all, like, [makes screeching sound]. We were like, 'What's happening?!'"

Another big reveal in tonight's episode was that Huck (Giullermo Diaz) is attending AA meetings in an effort to curb his addiction to killing and torturing. (He later has a slip in front of Olivia, where he says how he would dispose of a body.) While he could be viewed as starting to go off the rails a bit, Giullermo Diaz says Huck is "trying to get back on track."

"You see him going to an AA meeting and you don't go to a meeting unless you think you have a problem and you want to get better," he continues. "I love that he's trying to get a handle on himself and on killing people and torturing people. His dark side is always going to be there. You're never fully cured, just like in AA, it's always an issue and a constant struggle. That's what keeps it interesting. As the show progresses and it moves along, there's going to be things that are going to trigger Huck and make him want to torture or kill someone even more. There's going to be times when he's going to be not so 'killy.' It's going to be an interesting ride."

Though it's clear Fitz is still very much in love with Olivia (he shut down an autopsy for her, won't stop calling her, etc.), he and Mellie had a bit of a breakthrough when he told her he forgived her. But did he mean it?

"What you say you'll do and what your body, spirit, mind and heart are capable of are so different often, and intentions can be so good. I think he means he forgives me," Bellamy Young says. "But even touching me that much in the limo, he had to sort of recoil eventually, because it's like when someone is mean to you, does something horrible to you and then comes and makes genuine amends, there's still this gaping cannonball hole in your body that has to heal. There's a lot of visceral damage in Fitz and Mellie…trust just takes time, so it will take a long time to heal and move on."

What do you think the conspiracy is? What does Quinn have to do with it? Do you think Fitz should try and make it work with Mellie? Sound off in the comments!

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