Nicolas Cage Never "Stalked" Vanessa Hudgens, Receives Apology for Tabloid Story Claiming He Had

Oscar winner also secures both a retraction and undisclosed damages from another media outlet stemming from a post it ran falsely accusing the actor of tax evasion

By Peter Gicas Oct 03, 2012 5:30 PMTags
Nicolas CageTodd Williamson/WireImage

It may only be Wednesday, but this is quickly turning into "Apologize to Nicolas Cage Week."

Star has issued an apology to the Oscar winner over a story the tabloid ran recently that claimed the actor had "stalked" Vanessa Hudgens while the two were making their movie, The Frozen Ground, Gossip Cop reports.

"In a story in the Sept. 17 issue, 'Creepy Cage Stalked his Costar,' we erroneously reported that Nicolas Cage had 'unnerved' High School Musical actress Vanessa Hudgens with his behavior on the set of their new thriller, The Frozen Ground," the magazine admitted in a statement. "Nic and Vanessa denied that any of the reported events occurred, and they confirmed that they're on excellent terms and are eagerly looking forward to the Nov. 30 release of their film. We apologize to Mr. Cage for the error and are happy to set the record straight."

Meanwhile, the BBC reports that Cage has also received an apology, a retraction as well as undisclosed damages, from The Daily Mail's online edition over false allegations of tax evasion.

"My client has secured a complete vindication of his reputation following the publication of a categoric retraction by the MailOnline for what they immediately acknowledged was a completely unfounded and defamatory allegation of tax evasion," Cage's lawyer, Paul Tweed, told the BBC. "He nonetheless remains very concerned that such a false and outrageous headline should have been published in the first place."