Jason Kennedy is out sick today (feel better, Jason!), so Catt Sadler was awesome enough to step in and host this morning alongside Ken Baker and Liz Hernandez

With all that's been going on in Lindsay Lohan's life recently, we have to ask--is a comeback completely out of the question? Ken talks about why her upcoming biopic Liz & Dick might just provide a career-saving springboard for the troubled starlet.

Plus, what does Family Guy have in common with the Oscars?! Seth MacFarlane, the show's creator, has just been chosen to host the award show this year. Catt reads some of your tweets at #LiveFromE and most of you are pretty excited to see the funnyman fronting the event!

Also, Ken brought us a copy of his book, Fangirl, which just hit stores today--be sure to check it out! Who knew we had an author among us?! 

Don't forget to tune in every day at 12:30 p.m. ET/9:30 a.m. PT! You can also follow us on Twitter @LiveFromE and hit us up with your questions using the #LiveFromE hashtag.

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