Scott Speedman, Andre Braugher, Last Resort

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Newsflash: Ben Covington became a Navy SEAL, y'all!

OK, not really, but Scott Speedman, who played one of our all-time TV crushes on Felicity, has finally returned to TV in ABC's Last Resort, which premiered tonight. And if Speedman wasn't enough awesome for ya, the action-thriller also stars Andre Braugher as the captain of a rogue submarine crew that finds itself targeted by the U.S. (Can you say drama?!)

Now it's your turn to tell us how you felt about Last Resort...

Last Resort centers on a nuclear missile submarine crew that receives (possibly sketchy) decoded fire orders. When they question the orders, they are promptly fired upon. By their own country. In order to stay alive they have to rebel. They end up taking over a nearby island—much to the chagrin of the local crime bosses—and send a message loud and clear back home that they are not to be messed with. Meanwhile the U.S. has blamed the downed sub on Pakistan and "retaliated."

We were surprised by the level of tension the pilot was able to maintain throughout the entire hour and were blown away by Capt. Marcus Chaplin's (Braugher) epic speech at the end of the episode. (Is he crazy? Discuss.) Of course, a highlight of the show for us is obviously Mr. Speedman as the homesick XO Sam Kendal, who has a wife back home. And while the team is stuck on the island, we also get some political intrigue back in the States courtesy of Autumn Reeser's ambitious character who is determined to find the truth.

Last Resort was one of our favorite new fall offerings of the fall season, so now we want to hear from you: Did you like Shawn Ryan's ambitious new drama or are you feeling rather "meh" about it? Vote in our latest Save It or Sink It poll and then head on down to the comments to talk it out with your fellow TV lovers.

Last Resort: Save It or Sink It?
Last Resort?
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