Emmy Awards, Jon Stewart

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What exactly did Jon Stewart say to have his speech cut off?
—Jennifer, via Twitter

For those who missed it, Mr. Daily Show had the censors hitting the bleep button during his acceptance speech following his show's umpteenth win for Oustanding Variety Series. Riffing on the dominance of The Daily Show, he held up his statuette and quipped that aliens arriving on Earth in the future "will find a box of these. And they will know how predictable these f--king things are." Hey, man's got a point...

Anyhoo, I've gotten a ton of questions from last night's telecast, so let's get to some more!

I am so tired of all the Emmy love given to Modern Family. Is there another show that could end its reign?

—Li J., via Twitter

Wow! Reer to you too! You may hate the show, but there's a reason the sitcom won big last night: Millions of people love it. But let's pull some stats from the big telecast, see if we can't cheer you up: Modern Family won four of the seven total categories in which it was nominated, if you include Creative Arts ceremony—and, look, I'm trying to make you happy, here. And, um, how about that Two and a Half Men? You can bet that Modern Family can't dominate everything, not as long as that Jon Cryer breathes air. If those truths aren't enough for you, I have two words for you, and those words, I predict, will garner quite a bit of Emmy buzz this time next year: Mindy. Kaling.

Why can't Christina Hendricks find a good stylist? She looks horrible every year.
—K.R., Los Angeles, via Facebook

She can hear you, you know.

Two years ago, I asked Hendricks about her red carpet gown selection process. And she mentioned, well, you: "There is such a business these days based on being critical...to shredding people—who wore the worst dress, who had the worst cellulite. It just, you know, hurts your soul. At the end of the day, you're just going to a big party. You have to remind yourself to wear the things you love. Sometimes your friends or a stylist will go, 'Yeah...no.' Sometimes you can't see yourself with objectivity, but you have to go with what you think is pretty."

Why was Game of Thrones (one of the buzziest shows on television) ignored?
—G.G., via Twitter

It wasn't ignored; it was nominated twice, for best drama series and for supporting actor in a drama, for Peter Dinklage. But, while the show may have been one of the "buzziest" on TV, it had almost no awards buzz, compared with Med Men and Breaking Bad, both of which also lost in that category to Homeland, of all things.

The writer of Game Change looked awfully familiar last night.
—Theodore, via Twitter

Danny Strong played Jonathan Levinson on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He also clocked a few episodes of Mad Men.

How many posthumous Emmys have been given out?
—Li J. via Twitter

I was able to count at least five, including Farrah Fawcett and Ingrid Bergman.

Am I the only person who thought the opening sketch was awful?
—Li J., via Twitter

Apparently, yes

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