Emmy Predictions: Why Mad Men Might Stop Hogging All the Trophies

Will Breaking Bad de-throne the AMC hit drama?

By Kristin Dos Santos Sep 19, 2012 7:00 PMTags
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Shocking news: At this year's Emmys, Mad Men will…win! Again. For the fifth time.


Sorry, did we lose you? 

But wait, wait! Although Mad Men is favored by many experts and critics to take home its fifth consecutive award for Outstanding Drama Series (which would set a new Emmy record!), we do have a far more intriguing prediction about a certain dark horse who could steal Don Draper's thunder….


Should Win (and Really *Could Win!):  Breaking Bad. While Mad Men and Downton Abbey appear to be the frontrunners (racking up 17 and 16 nominations respectively), the biggest award of the night could go to the little show that just keeps building steam. Breaking Bad is the only series to receive more Emmy nominations each year than the year before. Plus, it has two hugely impressive weapons in its arsenal: A firm end date  of only one more season (time is running out to give this show its first win!), and the perfect timing of BB's just-concluded fourth season, which allowed new episodes to air during the Emmy voting period.

Will Win: Mad Men. Our Dark Horse shot-in-the-dark aside, Mad Men does stand the best chance of winning based on the AMC cult phenomenon's impressive history: It has never lost  a single year that it was eligible. And perhaps you've heard of that little Brit hit Downton Abbey? Well, it cleaned house in the Miniseries category last year, and now the show has moved into this big-boy race for the first time.

Check back all this week for our bold Emmy predictions, and win tons of cash in your office Emmy pool. Or get laughed out of the building. Too soon to tell  but hey, we're in it with you!