Alec Baldwin, Hilaria Thomas


We wouldn't exactly call it a "Greenhilly" moment, but Alec Baldwin was publicly showing his affection for both his wife and their pooch on the streets of New York today.

The 30 Rock star and Hilaria Thomas were out walking their dog when Baldwin leaned in to plant a kiss on his missus and then scooped up their pup for a nuzzle.

All of which was very precious, of course.

The seemingly very happy couple also paused for another mid-walk kiss at one point, but Baldwin didn't do a very good job of keeping his eye on the prize that time!

Instead, the Emmy winner couldn't help but peek at what we presume were a few intrigued onlookers while Thomas was on her tiptoes awaiting her lip-lock.

Baldwin did manage to hit his target, though, so he probably isn't in the doghouse over it.

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