Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton

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Buyer beware. Not to mention, be better than that.

Deplorable as the publication of Kate Middleton's topless sunbathing photos was (and even the French courts agree on that count), there's no denying: The same masses who were tsking the tabloids were also doing their level best to get their hands on a copy.

Hence, the inevitable brisk business that France's Closer and Italy's Chi were doing on eBay. And that is were—past tense—as the juggernaut marketplace has finally cottoned on to the online auctions and subsequently banned the issues from being hawked on their site.

While magazine copies popped up almost instantly last Friday, in the wake of today's royal legal victory granting Kate and Prince William their injunction against the tabloids, eBay has pulled all sales of the magazines (pending or otherwise) off its site.

"Following strong feedback from the eBay community, we will be removing these items, and are already in the process of doing so," a spokeswoman told Britain's Press Association.

Prior to the magazines' blanket removal, the copies (which retailed for about $2.25) were being sold for as much as $65.

But hey, you can't put a price on privacy.

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