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This is it—all the lying and crying on The Bachelor Pad boils down to what happened tonight.

As usual, the finale consisted of a live show with all the contestants for some flashbacks and updates, before finding out who got crowned as the top couple, and more importantly, whether they chose to keep or share the money.

And tonight was a doozy.

Let's start with some updates. Kalon and Lindzi are still together, but Erica R. chimed in and told Lindzi to be careful because she's spotted Kalon at different events with other women. Yeah, super awkward. And poor Lindzi didn't know what to say or do. 

Michael and Rachel, however, are not still smitten with each other. Actually, they're the total opposite, but we'll get there. Jaclyn admitted she was still hurt by being betrayed by her "best friend" on the last episode. Later on, Rachel explained herself through teary eyes, stating that Nick pushed to eliminate them because they would have been a bigger threat, and it seemed like Jaclyn still had a soft spot for her friend. 

Meanwhile, Blakeley (who was rocking some fresh ink on her forearm) put down her tough-girl guard and got vulnerable. She may have lost out on winning the money, but she found true love with Tony

"Sometimes I feel like it's too good to be true," a choked up Blakeley said, "because I don't know what I did to deserve someone like that. He's amazing."

It's serious, you guys. They announced they're moving in together! But that's not all, Tony surprised everyone, including his lady, with a proposal! And she said, "Absolutely." Grab the tissues.

The final four took the stage and the mood instantly changed. Rachel was quick to try and resolve her confusion concerning Michael, who kept repeating that he wasn't interested in pursuing a long-term, long distance relationship with her. 

A clearly broken-hearted Rachel then revealed that she found out Michael was seeing someone else, in a long distance relationship. Ouch!

Focus then turned to Chris, who was Mr. Mischievous throughout the game and played Jamie and Blakeley openly. He seemed remorseful tonight, and shared that his family had nothing nice to say about his actions on the show. Was this genuine or was he trying to gain sympathy votes? You never know with him.

Then it was voting time. Almost a sweep, with Jaclyn's vote being the deciding factor, Rachel and Nick got the majority of votes, moving them to the finals.

But it wasn't over yet!

Rachel and Nick had to go into separate deliberation rooms to choose whether they would "share" or "keep" the money. If one chooses to keep the $250,000, then their partner is out of luck. If both choose to keep the quarter of a million, the money gets dispersed among the housemates and Rachel and Nick walk away with nothing.

When it came time to say their decisions, Rachel said she wouldn't have gotten this far without her partner and chose to share the money. After a lengthy speech on how he got here on his own, Nick decided to keep it. Jaws dropped, gasps were heard and Nick was $250,000 richer.

Rachel was "devastated" and called her partner a "f--king schmuck." Did Nick care? Not at all. Even when Rachel called him out backstage and asked for an explanation. All he had to say (over and over again) was that she was never onboard to be his partner.

Do you think Nick was smart or heartless? Sound off in the comments!

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