Mad Men, Season five Cast

Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

File this one under: reasons we're glad the Internet exists. 

By now, we're sure you're all aware of the Internet prank known as "Rickrolling," where you click a link expecting one thing, say adorable cats playing poker, and get Rick Astley's 1987 classic "Never Gonna Give You Up" instead.

Well, we've now got the best take on Rickrolling for your viewing pleasure: the cast of Mad Men performing it, one word at a time!

Comedian Richard Sandling, who hosts Perfect Movie, a monthly stand-up comedy show about film in London, compiled footage from the first four seasons of the AMC hit in order to make the YouTube video. 

Yes, the cast, including Jon Hamm and January Jones, performs the '80s hit/now Internet sensation one-word at a time, which means Sandling had to go through hours of footage just to find a single word. Talk about dedication! 

But don't expect Sandling to boast about his Mad Men efforts. He casually posted the video on his Facebook, saying, "Some new thing I did." 

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