The Mindy Project

2012 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Autumn De Wilde/FOX

Who's that girl? It's Mindy!

Move over, Zooey Deschanel, 'cause it's time to make some room on our girl-crush list! Mindy Kaling has been on our radar for quite some time (thanks to The Office), so we're super-excited that she's finally getting her close-up on her new Fox comedy, The Mindy Project. If Zooey's Jess on New Girl is adorkable then Mindy's Mindy is snorkable: snarky, dorky and adorable!

Let us count the five reasons why Mindy is one of our new fall TV crushes: 

1. That Work Ethic: She created the show, she's running it and she's starring in it. In other words, Mindy is Wonder Woman.

2. That Time We Interviewed Her: And she was de-freakin'-lightful...with a capital D. She talks about the good old days, when Steve Carell was "chubby" and jokes, "I like to run my set the same way Saddam Hussein liked to run his country." Just watch the awesomeness above. 

3. That Awesome Book She Wrote: As if scene-stealing on The Office (and starting as a writer on it at 24!) and developing her very own show wasn't enough, Mindy also wrote one of our favorite recent reads, her comic memoir Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). Basically, we want to kidnap her, in the hopes that Stockholm syndrome will take effect and she will want to be our BFF. (Should we have kept that to ourselves? Probably.)

4. That Twitter Account: While it sucks that we only get to watch her new show—which, in case you missed our review, charmed the pants off of us—once a week, Mindy is bringing the funny daily, thanks to her Twitter account. A recent gem: "It was a really good Labor Day I think. I got one of those Whole Foods biscuits with cheese baked in it." And another: ""Oh no, I like the girl whose boyfriend I'm going to steal" is a subject of my first hit r&b song." 

5. That Show: We know, we know. We keep gushing about The Mindy Project, but seriously, it's hard out there for a comedy this fall season, so count your blessing and watch Mindy's new Fox show. It's a one-two punch of awesome paired with New Girl on Tuesdays, m'kay? 

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