New Girl

Dewey Nicks/FOX

We know the word adorkable has become kind of overused in the past year thanks to Zooey Deschanel & Co. on New Girl, but if the shoe fits...

Seriously, what other word is there to describe this exclusive behind-the-scenes video of Deschanel at a photo shoot for her Fox hit show that we got our hands on?

Oh, the ladies want something to feast their eyes on as well? We've also got an exclusive look at Ben & Kate star Nat Faxon's photo shoot for The Faces of Fox!

Whoa, look at the dance moves Faxon busted out just for his photoshoot? And writing down Whitney Houston lyrics? He's a man after our hearts, we tell you!

And if it weren't enough that Deschanel is gorgeous and rocking an extremely cute red and pink dress (so Jess Day!), she also had some pretty adorable props to work with, like a yellow umbrella, a sunflower and a vintage car.

Oh? And she draws. Too. Cute.

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