Katrina Darling, Prince Harry

Splash News, John Stillwell-WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince Harry's naked body is a wonderful thing and should be celebrated.

That's the opinion, at least (and surely she's not alone), of Kate Middleton's burlesque dancer second cousin Katrina Darling, who ingratiated herself on these shores when she landed the September cover of Playboy, who tells E! News that she is "shocked" by the furor over photos taken of Harry putting the strip in Las Vegas Strip.

Yes, she managed to see them despite the entirely ineffective palace-proclaimed media blackout in Britain.

"After seeing the images of Prince Harry naked online I was shocked that the public were surprised that there is a young man having fun, partying and being comfortable with his body," Darling tells E! News.

Like a lawyer or doctor, it turns out it doesn't hurt to have a nudity expert in the family, either!

"I don't think anyone should be sending a message that it is wrong or sordid to be nude. It's not. Shaming someone for being nude is not a positive attitude to teach people, the human form is a beautiful and amazing thing to be celebrated. He didn't choose to be a role model, he's human and living a life that most can only dream of."

That he is.

The world is now into its third day of existence since a couple of cell phone pics of a completely nude Harry (well, he was wearing a necklace) romping around his Vegas hotel room, purportedly following a game of strip billiards among friends.

Friends and the person who snapped photos and gave them to TMZ, that is.

The rambunctious 27-year-old is now back in London and, while at least there's no chance that he'll lose his title or spot in line for the throne, he may have gotten an earful from the queen of England—you know, his grandma—before heading back to his army base.

We'll just assume she advised him to turn down any forthcoming offer from Playgirl.

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