Prince Harry, The Sun

The Sun

Sure, Prince Harry flashed his, um, crown jewels.

But U.K. tabs are still trying to figure out how to flash pics of his flashing.

In the wake of a palace-imposed media blackout on images of the party prince's raunchy Vegas getaway, British papers are finding creative ways to report the scandal while sticking to the palace's requests.

The results have been, shall we say, cheeky.

Irreverent tab The Sun went all out by actually recreating the image with another Harry: one of its own reporters, Harry Miller.

The journalist could be seen copying the prince's notorious privates-cupping pose, and he didn't scrimp on versmilitude: He's even wearing a necklace and bracelet similar to that in Harry's pic. Talk about reporting the truth!

Prince Harry, Daily Mirror

Daily Mirror

The Evening Herald, on the other hand, ignored the blackout altogether, publishing the trou-dropping pic in question on its cover with the headline "The Naked Prince."

Other outlets, however, chose a more modest route.

Both the Daily Mail and The Mirror opted to publish shirtless pics of the prince from his Vegas vacay.

But what they lacked in visual punch, they more than made up for with verbal panache: The Mirror ran the headline "Shock pictures of starkers prince fondling nude girl," while the Daily Mail went with a pic of the prince poolside and chastised him for being in "hot water."

Prince Harry, Daily Mail

Daily Mail

Naked Prince Harry pics don't stay in Vegas!

Although the blackout isn't legally binding, it is overseen by a regulatory agency set up by the British newspaper industry to police its actions.

In the case of Harry's Vegas bacchanalia, publishing the pics in Britain would constitute a policy violation, since the photos were taken without the prince's consent during a private holiday and in a private environment.

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