Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth

Chris Jackson/Getty Images/LEON NEAL/AFP; Bauer-Griffin

Talk about a royal flush...of embarassment.

While Prince Harry is now safely back in the U.K., the fallout from his naked photo scandal (they don't call it Sin City for nothing) is about to hit a high (or maybe that should be a low) as he prepares to man up and face up to his grandma, Queen Elizabeth II, and his dad, Prince Charles.

And as if explaining your penchant for unsuspecting on-camera trou-dropping to your 86-year-old grandmother wasn't mortifying enough, the party prince won't even have the benefit of a home court advantage. Because despite reports claiming that he's already met with his relatives, E! News confirms that that's not quite the case. Though it will be very, very soon.

While Harry wasted precious little time in getting himself back to the far more creative hilarious private shores of England in the wake of his latest scandal, he is, for the time being, still in London. However, a source tells E! News that despite erroneous reports of him already in Balmoral, he won't be heading up to the Scottish royal grounds and current homebase of Queen Elizabeth (and a recovering Prince Philip) until tomorrow at the earliest.

In any case, when Harry does make it up to the Highlands, he's expected to meet with not only the queen but his dad (awkward alert) and no doubt get an earful about his latest bout of misbehavior.

Still, if there's one saving grace in all that, it's this: the stay will, mercifully, be a short one.

"Harry will be returning to military duty soon," a royal insider tells E! News.

Oh, good. We're sure his fellow Army officers won't do anything to take advantage of this awkward situation and draw out his embarrassment to the fullest. Nope. Not at all.

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