Cheetos kids, Man on Fire, Super Mario 2

YouTube; 20 Century Fox; Nintendo

This is America, baby, and every week is a good week to obsess about your favorite snacks. That said, we didn't even know what Takis tasted like until a certain super-viral YouTube video had us head-bobbing all the way to 7-Eleven for a bag.

On a darker note, nobody's excited about the untimely passing of director Tony Scott, but it's certainly been an occasion to rewatch loads of Top Gun and Days of Thunder clips and remind ourselves of a bygone era when Tom Cruise was a totally, 100 percent likable person.

In the present, we're counting on Joseph Gordon-Levitt (whose Premium Rush opens this weekend) to stay on track toward a long and healthy career as a hot leading man, and we're streaming some very hypnotic beats from a guy named Kieran. All this and a lot more in our weekly list of pop culture's very best things.

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