Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Pattinson

Jason Merritt/Getty Images; Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

We already know that Robert Pattinson has some generous A-list friends who are more than willing to help him out in his time of media-hyped, scandal-saturated need.

Reese Witherspoon, for one. And...Leonardo DiCaprio for another?!

That's what the tabloids seem to think, as Britain's Sun has breathlessly reported that the unlikely pair of friends have struck up a fine bromance, with Leo so keen to take the Twilight thesp under his wing that he's planned a boys' weekend in Puerto Rico to help get R.Pattz's mind off the never-ending Kristen Stewart saga.

But is the bromantic holiday really happening?

Nah. While it makes for some good copy and no doubt fuels a daydream or two, this rumor is so false!

While the Sun claimed that Leo was eager to welcome Rob into his circle of friends and even planned on renting a mansion in a "secret location" on the island after production is complete on the new film he's producing, Runner, Runner, a source close to DiCaprio told E! News that this story is not true.

Which is a shame, in a way, because we would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when this purported conversation, detailed by the ever-reliable tabloid, supposedly went down:

"Leo joked they could compare baseball cap collections—and told Rob before he knew it, he'd be dating a model, just like him!"

Well, considering how it worked out this time, he might welcome the profession change of his next girlfriend.

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