Lolo Jones, Rashida Jones

Harry How/Getty Images for USOC, Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

Will the real Lolo Jones please stand up?

Not only did long jumper Greg Rutherford fool us into thinking we were witnessing Neil Patrick Harris win a gold medal, but now hurdler Lolo and her doppelgänger, actress Rashida Jones, have us seeing double as well.

And it looks like these look-alikes are putting the resemblance to good use.

"Thanks @iamrashidajones for running the first race for me so I could rest up," Lolo tweeted the other day. "They didn't even notice."

"You're welcome!" Rashida replied. "I'm super sore though. Maybe you can return the favor and go to this family thing in my place this weekend?"

Although, seeing how the closing ceremony is happening on Sunday, it might be tough for Lolo to break away.

Then again, given their Twitter exchange, Rashida is apparently already in London. So, she could always fill in for Lolo one more time if she had to, right?

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