A new trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey hit the net recently and it's...well, it's 99 percent identical to the first trailer. In fact, there's only about four seconds of new footage on display, whereas everything else is the exact same.

So we wouldn't hold it against you if you watched the "new" trailer and felt like you'd already heard Bilbo Baggins wax poetic about telling Frodo his whole story. Or that the introduction to all those dwarves was total déjà vu. Spoiler alert: That ain't new!

In fact, since the changes are so subtle, we thought we'd just point them out for you (it's so much easier than playing Where's Waldo, or in this case Where's Bilbo). At :23 in the video, Gandalf (Ian McKellen) approaches Bilbo (Martin Freeman) and, instead of smoking a pipe like in the first trailer, Mr. Baggins simply looks on quizzically.

Find out why you'd even want to see three installments Hobbit movies!

The next changes come around 1:57, with Bilbo hiding behind some foliage in fear, immediately followed Gandalf and his dwarf amigos running through the forest. These additions replaced footage of Gandalf in an epic battle and the dwarves running into a war of their own. Translation: The previous flashes of the film were far more exciting.

So there you have it. Yep, those are all the changes to the latest trailer. But fear not, because we assume this trailer is just as preciousssss (to quote our dear friend Golum) as any Hobbit goodies. And for those of you left discontented, well, now that there are three installments in the Lord of the Rings prequel, you'll have plenty of time for new trailers.

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