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Did you get your nights mixed up?

Yes, usually tonight would be The Bachelorette (and the finale for that matter), but we closed the book on Emily Maynard's love life last night, so that we could make room for some more drama on Bachelor Pad tonight.

Former contestants Kalon McMahon, Rachel Trueheart, Blakely Jones, Lindzi Cox, Sarah Newlon, Jamie Otis, Erica Rose, Chris Bukowski, Michael Stagliano, Ed Swiderski, Reid Rosenthal, Jaclyn Swartz, Ryan Hoag, Nick Peterson and Tony Pieper were all a part of this journey to find love (again), and more importantly, to try and win $250,000.

But they weren't the only ones.

For the first time this season, ABC included a group of Super Fans into the mix. Twin blondes Brittany and Erica Taltos (competing as one person), Paige Vigil, Donna Zitelli, Chris Bain and David Mallet were also working toward that money, we mean, finding true love.

The drama began before you could blink (which we're not complaining about) as Jaclyn made it very clear to all of us that she was not a fan of Blakely, but remained civil...for now. Ed could've cared less about anything other than the pool, which he stripped down to enjoy right away.

Chris Harrison informed the group that they would need to partner up for their first challenge the next day.

As everyone tried to find their better half, or at least, someone who could actually win the competition, we learned that the reality stars were plotting to get the Super Fans out of the house first. Yes, that's kinda rude considering they're their fans, but whatever.

Their first competition proved to be equal of an Olympic challenge—just kidding. Basically, each pair had to cram themselves into a heart that was raised into the air and had to try and stay inside of it during the various tilts. 

Things got interesting when the winners of the challenge were actually two Super Fans, Brittany and David. The TV regulars weren't very happy about that one. The prize for winning was a fantasy date for the two, er, three of them (remember, the twins play together). The trio enjoyed a stroll on the boardwalk and some rides, followed by an impromptu (or was it?) skinny dip in the ocean.

Meanwhile, things got steamy back at the house, with Chris (who was apparently Blakely's property) and Jamie getting hot and heavy in private, until Jaclyn and Blakely busted in on them and ruined the mood. Oh, and Blakely cried about it.

Oh yeah, that's already happening.

At the first rose ceremony, it was time to send one guy and one girl home, but being that it was the first episode, we weren't too emotionally attached to anyone to really care.

Especially when it turned out to be two Super Fans (no offense).

Sorry, Paige and Chris, your reality-TV fame was cut short.

What are you most excited to see on this season of Bachelor Pad? Sound off in the comments!

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