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It was the final three fantasy dates this week, and we all know what that means (bow chicka bow wow).

In case you don't (and now you're wondering what the heck that just was), we'll explain—Emily Maynard and her final three man, Arie, Jef and Sean, each went on a one-on-one date with The Bachelorette while in Curaçao and each had the option for an "overnight" card. Now you get it?

Yes, that's right people, it was sexy time. Or was it?

Although rumors have leaked the reported winner of Emily's heart (don't click if you don't want to know!), we were still excited to see how tonight panned out.

The first date was with Sean, the only guy of the three who hadn't said "I love you" yet. The duo jetted off to a private island on a helicopter (of course), and then got into some deep conversation on the beach.

Perfect moment to drop the L-word, right? Right! But he didn't.

Their date continued with some snorkeling followed by dinner, and maybe all Sean needed was some food in his system, because he finally opened up and shared his feelings to Emily by telling her he was falling in love with her. Not only that, he also shared a letter he wrote to her daughter Ricki that stated he wasn't trying to replace her father. Kleenex, please!

Of course Sean got an invitation back to her room (especially after that), but it wasn't an overnight stay. The two enjoyed some spa time and kissing here and there, but Emily sent Sean back to his hotel room at the end of the night.

Next up was Jef, who has been very open about his strong feelings toward Emily. They took a boat out to a private cove and Jef reassured us that he's in this until the end. That is, of course, if Emily allows it. But since she said she saw something special in this guy since night one, we're guessing it could happen.

After having some fun on a surfboard in the water, Emily extended the invitation to the Fantasy Suite, which Jef denied out of respect for their families. And that impressed Emily so much, that they went off to the suite together anyway, but after some snuggling, talking and tonsil hockey, Jef left back to the hotel.



Lastly, it was time for some Arie action—emphasize on the word "action."

Emily and Arie started making out like they were in dire need of a saliva exchange. When they finally came up for air, the twosome also took a boat out to swim with the dolphins.

Aside from mingling with other mammals, Emily and Arie talked about their typical day back home and Maynard reiterated that she's not just looking for a husband, but also a father for Ricki.

When it came to whether or not Arie would receive an invitation back to her room, it was kinda obvious. Have you seen the physical attraction between these two?!

But you know what they say about assuming...

Emily decided against giving Arie an overnight invite because she said she didn't trust herself being alone with him in a suite. Oh my!

Then it was time for the (possibly toughest) rose ceremony. Chris Harrison shared personal video messages that the guys made for Emily, which ultimately brought her tears. Good job, Chris!

As hard as it may have been, Maynard had two roses to give out. The first was given to Jef, and when it came down to Sean or Arie, she chose Arie.

Sorry, Sean, guess you should've kept that L-word to yourself, after all.

It's almost that time! Who's it gonna be: Jef or Arie? Let us know in the comments below!

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