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This just in from every single person who watched even a nansecond of Parks and Recreation this past season:

Say whaaaaaaaaa?!

Yeah, there was plenty to cheer about when the 64th Primetime Emmy Award nominations were announced this morning (Lena Dunham! Jason Ritter! Connie Britton!), but Parks and Recreation's snub has to be the biggest awards-show robbery of the 21st century. And FX's Louie also not making the cut? Seriously, someone should be arrested.

What else do we have to gasp about this morning? Here's my take on the best and worst surprises:


Lena Dunham! Despite all the controversy surrounding Girls this season (too much sexual promiscuity, not enough diversity), Dunham proved she is television's biggest overachiever this year, scoring multiple Emmy nominations today for series, writing, directing and acting. Girls was honest, hilarious and real. And we hope all this attention brings even more girl power to the TV comedy scene.

Jason Ritter! Parenthood fans know Ritter is the show's best-kept secret—one we seriously want to keep! And even though he keeps trying to flee the Braverman clan for another pilot, we are so happy his guest-star status finally has an upside: He was nominated this morning for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series. Sure, he's up against heavy hitters like Michael J. Fox (The Good Wife), Jeremy Davies (Justified) and Mark Margolis (Breaking Bad), but as far as we're concerned, this category is Jason's to lose.

Deputy Leo! (aka Max Greenfield): As comedy's biggest breakout star this past season, it's not totally shocking that Greenfield (New Girl's Schmidt) got a nod, but with the Modern Family guys owning nearly every slot, it was hardly a sure thing. Those of us who have loved Max since his perma-smiled portrayal of Deputy Leo on Veronica Mars know he has had an incredible and well-merited TV comeback. And the nomination couldn't be more deserved.

American Horror Story! Tying Mad Men for the most nominations this year (17), FX clearly made the right move submitting American Horror Story in the miniseries category, as it cleaned house. (And we all know that house needs a very thorough Congrats to our girl Connie Britton, Denis O'Hare and all the AHS nominees!


No Parks and Recreation or Louis C.K.: We love that the Academy voters are thinking outside the box this year, nominating offbeat newcomers like Girls and Veep, but sorry, this was the year for 30 Rock or Curb Your Enthusiasm to fall off the list in order to make way for both Parks and Recreation and Louis C.K! No two comedy series were funnier, better produced or better received (by critics and viewers alike) this TV season. And we'll be crying buckets all day in the fetal position until the Academy agrees to do a do-over. This is comedy robbery, people!

No Matt Bomer, Jane Lynch or Lea Michele! She may have been a long shot, but we were secretly hoping Lea Michele would make it into the mix for her flawless performance in the final episodes of season three. Heartbreaking, raw and mature, Michele proved she is an acting force to be reckoned with. And while critics and viewers were split on Glee's uneven season three, the show deserved more than its three nods for makeup, cinematography and guest actress (Dot-Marie Jones). Seriously, was there a better guest star anywhere on television this year than Matt Bomer's hilarious turn on Glee? And how do we live in a world in which Jane Lynch (2010 winner) was not even nominated?

No Ron Swanson Love: When is Nick Offerman going to get that nod?! We're not even going to continue writing about this because of the tornado of fury we're threatening to turn into. We'll just let Ron sum up our feelings with this.

No Justified: Snubbed again! Sure, we're thrilled for Jeremy Davies' guest actor nomination, but two piddly little nods (including art direction) just doesn't come anywhere near recognizing the true brilliance of this gripping FX drama.

No Hugh Laurie: A nomination for one of TV's best-ever actors for the show's final season would've been nice. Just sayin'.

What's your take on the best and worst surprise? What are we forgetting?

Sound off in the comments!

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