Whitney Houston


I want to know if Whitney Houston is going to have a post-death album like Amy Winehouse's Lioness. I think Whitney should have at least another greatest hits album with some unreleased songs.
—Matt Duble, via Facebook

Indeed, it took only 5 months for Amy Winehouse's surviving relatives to release Lioness: Hidden Treasures, after the singer's death. However, there is a posthumous album, kinda, coming soon, for Houston fans as well: The soundtrack for Sparkle, Whitney's final film project, debuts at the end of this month. The track list already has been released.

As for a true posthumous solo project, if Houston's label, RCA, is planning anything new, it isn't saying so at this hour.

Got more Q's for us? Sure you do! Onward with more of your queries!

What's the latest with Angelina Jolie and can you tell her I love her so much?
—A. Great, via Twitter

She's currently sporting a serious set of Lady Gaga-style facial prosthetics for the flick Maleficent. And given how media savvy she reportedly is, I have no doubt she's already read this and knows full well how much you adore her.

Who are currently the highest paid movie stars? How much do they earn?
—Lesley-Anne Hudie, via Twitter

Cameron Diaz and Kristen Stewart both earned about $34 mil last year. But it's the male movie stars who make the real bank: Tom Cruise raked in a reported $75 million between May of last year and May of this year.

Are you a man or a woman? It's killing me!
—Ivana R., via Facebook

I'm a woman. Don't die, Ivana R.!

I've seen a couple of pix of pregnant celebs lately that lead me to ask: Can you have Botox while pregnant???
—Jacquie S., via Twitter

I wouldn't be shocked if there were cosmetic surgeons willing to do anything for celebs—including Botoxing them while preggers. However, there's a lack of definitive medical research in that area, so there is no accepted conventional wisdom on whether those types of injected toxins can hurt an unborn baby.

What is it REALLY like to date a celeb? Just how annoying is it?
—Justin S., via Twitter

Depends on how irked you get by long-distance relationships and dates at odd hours. If you ask out a TV star, know that an average weekly episode may shoot over 5 days, with 14-hour stretches on the set. As for movie stars, they tend to shoot for, say, six weeks at a time, and not necessarily in the city where you live. So unless you own a private jet, reconsider.

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