Johnny Depp

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Johnny Depp isn't taking a breather anytime soon.

The recently single star, who's still shooting The Lone Ranger with Armie Hammer, plans on starring in writer-director Wes Anderson's next project, The Grand Budapest Hotel, according to

Sounds like a match made in colorful, quirky heaven to us!

This would mark the first collaboration between Depp and Anderson, whose latest movie, Moonrise Kingdom, scored him his best reviews since The Royal Tennenbaums in 2001.

As for Depp's latest, the audience at Disney's film panel at Comic-Con (featuring frequent Depp collaborator Tim Burton) were treated to the first teaser showing the fruits of director Gore Verbinski's Lone Ranger labor—and the crowd went wild as Hammer's masked cowboy and Depp's Tonto burst into a saloon in heroic fashion.

Asked if he was tired of working with Depp after eight films together, Burton, who was discussing Frankenweenie, joked, "I've moved on to dogs and little puppet characters—I'm moving up in the world!"

The Lone Ranger rides into theaters July 3, 2013.

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