How I Met Your Mother

Eric McCandless/Fox

How I Met Your Mother: The comedy that keeps us guessing as much as Lost used to. And just like Lost, fans have very particular ideas on how it should wrap up its big storylines, most notably: How and when do we meet the mother?

We've been running a Fantasy Showrunner series all week, and now it's time to talk about How I Met Your Mother. We want to pick your brains about how certain plotlines should play out. You don't mind if we take a peek inside your brilliant TV-watching mind, do you? We thought not.

In the season-seven finale, we finally learned that the mysterious bride at Barney's wedding was none other than Robin! Fans of the couple (and let's face it, everyone should be fans of those two), immediately celebrated the joyful union that was sure to come. It was coming…right? Well, the HIMYM bosses revealed in post-finale interviews that Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) may not go through with the wedding after all. Curses! Do you think they should just marry those two and stop our shipper suffering? Or is there another way to go about this couple conundrum?

As for the mother of all mysteries, is it time already for Ted (Josh Radnor) to meet his future wife? And on that end, should he meet her early so we see them date? Or should the final episode of the series be the first meeting between the two? Fans are split on this one, so by all means start the debate in the comments!

The most thoughtful and most popular ideas will be featured next week in our How I Met Your Mother Fantasy Showrunner results post. Tweet @kristindsantos or email to get your opinion heard. Then check back all this week for more Fantasy Showrunner shows you can sound off on!

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