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True Blood's new season is rolling along quite nicely, but we still don't know what the deal is with Russell Edgington and his mysterious reappearance into the T.B. universe!

How much longer will we have to wait to get some answers? A certain True Blood star has the answer! And guess who might be getting a new sexy someone on Vampire Diaires? All that, plus Scandal, Dexter, Hart of Dixie and more in today's Spoiler Chat…

Olivia in Las Vegas: When the hell are we going to find out the whole story behind Russell on True Blood?
According to the lovely Kristin Bauer van Straten, you might have to wait just a wee bit longer, because we asked her the exact same question when we chatted with her recently. "Not soon," she answered coyly. "I like how we can be a fly on the wall with True Blood and we can watch things play out and different relationships and guess. It's so much more like life. Nothing is black and white in life either. So, we'll find out, but it might take a little bit." In the meantime, things will just keep building up to an explosive True Blood finale. "In the vampire world it's pretty intense because alliances shift," Kristin tells us. "Everything is at stake!"

Thomas: I know Vampire Diaries began production on season four this week—what can you tell us about Bonnie's storyline?!
Mo' vampires, mo' problems is Bonnie's season-four motto, naturally. At least that's what we took away from our chat with Kat Graham before her performance at Bing and dosomething.org's Summer of Doing event. "Bonnie's going to be put in a position where she's going to try and do everything she can to help Elena through the transition," Kat teases of Mystic Falls' resident witch storyline. "Bonnie is going to be delving into a couple of things that she's never had. She's going to be meeting a new someone." A new someone?! Color us intrigued!

David: Counting down the days until Dexter returns. Any info on the new season?
Could a reporter uncover Dexter's dirty little secret? A handsome and very intelligent investigative writer, Jason Price, will be introduced this season, and what do you know, he's also the author of books on murder cases. Jason is extremely charming, so expect him to use that to his advantage.


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Ryder: Where have you been hiding the Hart of Dixie scoop?!
Sorry, sometimes we need a written invitation (or, you know, request) to share some scoop. The CW charmer will be introducing a new rival for Lemon in the season two premiere: Ruby, Lavon's high school sweetheart…who also happened to be Lemon's high school enemy. What's that smell? A new love triangle, that's what! A successful and savvy businessman, Ruby and Zoe hit it off right way, natch.

Mason: I'm not going to Comic-Con, so how can I track your coverage?
You're best bet is too bookmark our 2012 Comic-Con page. So you'd better get on that, buddy. Right now! Prepare for an onslaught of TV scoop. You are so welcome.

Jessica: To say I'm obsessed with Shonda Rhimes' Scandal is a bit of an understatement…got any juicy scoop to share?
Two new characters will be introduced in the season-two premiere and will be sticking around for a while, including the handsome and charismatic Wilding, who is described as a bad boy with George Clooney's sense of humor. The other newbie? An older Southern gentleman named Jackson who is very rich, smart and warm…that is until you cross him.

Falling Skies

Ken Woroner/TNT

Perry in Los Angeles: Anything on Falling Skies? This new season is amazing!
Then you'll be happy to learn that TNT has renewed it for a third season! How do you plan on celebrating more Falling Skies? Shooting aliens? Us, too!

Tessa in Chicago: Do you have anything on Touch? Kiefer is perfect in that show.
Jack Bauer doesn't know how to do anything wrong, that's why. Touch is looking for some very interesting characters to join the cast as new series regulars. One is a former priest who has flipped his life goals completely around: now he's a killing machine! Sounds like Martin Bohm will have a constant villain to track down in season two. But he'll have the help of Calvin Butterfield, another new character who is brilliant, entitled and all about algorithms. Martin and Calvin will be a perfect match, eh?

—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker, Jenna Mullins and Erin Campbell

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