Everyone loves a good Easter egg.

And throughout the years, there have been plenty to be found in Pixar's big-screen cartoon adventures: from the Mike Wazowski antenna ball in Wall-E that pays tribute to Monsters, Inc. to the famed animation house's iconic Luxo Jr. ball that appears in a little girl's bedroom in Up while the balloon-festooned house flies by her window.

And Brave is certainly no exception.

So what hidden gems can be had in Pixar's latest 3-D computer-generated fantasy?



Brave, Pizza Planet truck, Easter egg


Eagle-eyed moviegoers will be able to catch a couple of fun homages.

The first comes courtesy of the Witch, the eccentric old hag disguised as a woodcarver who gives our flame-haired heroine Merida the magical spell that transforms her mother. The Witch shows off her mysterious fortune-telling powers by displaying a carved figurine, which just so happens to be the infamous Pizza Planet truck, the classic vehicle that's made a cameo in every single feature film Pixar's ever done, dating back to 1995's Toy Story.

Talk about a special delivery.

Brave, Sulley, Easter egg


And fans of Monsters, Inc. will be delighted to spot a second Easter egg in the Witch's home: a wood carving of Sulley, that lovable blue-monster lug who'll be returning to theaters with his fellow critters in the 2013 sequel, Monsters University.

Since unspooling 10 days ago, Brave hasn't exactly laid an egg at the box office, racking up over $131 million domestically, though reviews have been mixed.

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