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Team Truth has no shame. But, we do hear that other people have something called "guilty pleasures," ya know, where they are secretly obsessed with something but aren't willing to admit it, even to their closest pals.

And this summer is serving up some seriously delicious—and sometimes scandalous—delights to keep totally on the down low. So we've rounded up a list of the most blush-inducing vamps, dancing divas and S&M aficionados, and it's your turn to tell us which is your naughty little secret:

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But let's talk guilty pleasures—even if it mortifies you to do so.

First up, duh, is Fifty Shades of Grey. We knew plenty of gals (and guys too!) who were thrilled that the installment in the saga first arrived via e-book, which made it all the more easy to hide the fact that they were reading the sex-filled saga of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

Maybe double-blush-worthy? The tale was totally inspired by another guilty pleasure of some, Twilight. But the book has hit numero uno on practically every best-seller list ever, and is getting a movie version, which means there are plenty of people out there wrapped up in the S&M stories.

Or maybe Dance Moms is more your speed. Seriously, what would summer be without your Tuesday dose of Abby Lee Miller?! OK, so the large-and-in-charge Ms. Miller might be a bit extreme at times, but her over-the-top antics are what makes the show so damn good.

Last season, Abby raised quite a few eyebrows with her burlesque routine where the young-ins played showgirls on stage, and this season is already even juicier than the first. Who cares that we're basically watching 9-year-olds shake it while their crazy moms scream on the boob tube? We'll be fully indulging in Abby Lee this summer season—large glass of wine in hand while we watch.

And if Abby Lee Miller's brand of dancing isn't your cup of tea, Magic Mike's booty-shaking men, with their beautiful faces and totally toned bods, is probably what you've been indulging in to wet your whistle. With Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello all starring, we figured everyone would be shouting their praises for the flick.

But, there's something about men in thongs that has people playing coy. We wonder how long that highbrow mentality will last, though, when the opportunity comes to see the studs in all their glory on the big screen. Hey, we know we'll be there opening night!

If you like your skin with a side of supernatural, then you're definitely hooked on HBO's vamptastic True Blood. Sure, the cable hit may have scored noms from the oh-so-prestigious Emmys three years in a row now, but that doesn't mean some people aren't still hiding their love of Sookie Stackhouse and her undead darlings.

Maybe it's the totally bizarre sex scenes (we all still remember the head-twistin' screw session, right?!). Or perhaps it's all that melodrama (Bill! Eric! No, Bill! No, Eric!) but True Blood certainly could keep the water cooler busy for hours. That is, if you're willing to fess up to watching.

So you tell us: Which of these guilty pleasures are you guilty of loving? Just know: We won't judge…'cause we love 'em all!

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