Porn Star James Deen "Super Excited" to Work With Lindsay Lohan in The Canyons

"No matter what, it's gonna be awesome. If her media image is actually correct, it's just gonna be very, very fun," he says

By Rebecca Macatee Jun 16, 2012 7:26 PMTags
Lindsay Lohan, James DeenAstrid Stawiarz, Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Porn star James Deen isn't concerned by the media hype surrounding his future The Canyons costar Lindsay Lohan.

"The only negative thing I've ever heard about her is in the press," Deen told E! News Saturday. "Honestly, everyone I know who's actually worked with her has nothing but nice things to say."

On Tuesday, screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis tweeted that the 26-year-old adult film actor and Lohan, 25, would be costarring in the contemporary thriller. Deen told us he's "never met" the Mean Girls star, but said "if her media image is actually correct, it's just gonna be very, very fun."

"Every day is going to be awesome," he added.

He said if her "real image that I've been told [about] by people who know her personally is true, it's going to be amazing. She's going to be a pleasure and very fun and awesome. Same thing."

And while Lohan passed out from exhaustion after working 85 hours in four days on the set of Liz & Dick, 18-hour days are just the norm for Deen.

"I'm used to working all the time and [having a] hectic schedule," he said. "I'm working on a parody for The Hangover now. It's obviously not as intense of a project [as The Canyons] but it's still a 30-page script and shot in four days."

Deen said that despite his strong work ethic, Ellis and The Canyons' director Paul Schrader wanted to make sure he could actually act outside the realm of adult films. And when he read lines for the film's creators, they were quickly "impressed with my acting abilities." 

And would Deen be comfortable "having fake sex with an actor" when he's used to doing the real deal on camera?

"I'm cool with it, with pretending to have sex with somebody," he said laughingly. "I can do that."

But don't expect Deen to do a complete crossover from porn to mainstream movies anytime soon. "I'm not opposed to it, but it's not my lifelong dream," he said. "My lifelong dream was to do porn. I've aspired to do that as long as I can remember."

"I don't really foresee a very large mainstream future for me," he added. "I see myself doing random occasional projects and most of the time being myself." 

And while Deen isn't too keen on going through a casting agency and auditioning for roles, he would be interested in doing the 50 Shades of Grey film. "I get like 25 to 30 tweets per day saying I should be Christian Grey," he said. "It's an interesting project. I'd have to do my research and read the whole book, but it sounds like something I'd want to do. I'd have fun with it."

Oh, my!