Tom Cruise Talks Rock of Ages Codpiece

Find out what the megastar walked away with to remember his time playing rocker Stacee Jaxx

By Marc Malkin, Brett Malec Jun 11, 2012 8:40 PMTags
Tom Cruise, Rock of AgesDavid James/Warner Bros. Pictures

Tom Cruise took more than that hot bod and his rock star moves home from the Rock of Ages set.

He tells us he brought a very special Stacee Jaxx accessory to wife Katie Holmes after filming the musical flick.

So what's the sexy memento Cruise is talking about?

Cruise walked away with a bejeweled, dragon-shaped—get this!—codpiece, which we get to see via an extreme closeup while Cruise is in bed with two women.

"Yeah, I wear it and I keep it," Cruise, 49, told us at the Hollywood premiere of the flick (in theaters on Friday).

So what did Holmes think of the rock star wear? "She laughed," Cruise smiled. "It's hilarious."

FYI: Holmes wasn't at the premiere because she was working in China, Cruise told E! News.

Rock of Ages director Adam Shankman says he could very much see doing a sequel to the flick, but it wouldn't be about Stacee Jaxx. Instead, it would be more about Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand's very close relationship in the film.

"I think the sequel would be about Alec and Russell," Shankman told us. "They would be the center couple of the sequel."

Sounds like a good time to us!