Ryan Gosling Takes Eva Mendes to Mom's Graduation—and Causes a Twitter Storm!

Place Behind the Pines costars head to Canada for Brock University's grad

By Ted Casablanca, Alyssa Toomey Jun 06, 2012 9:30 PMTags
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If you had any doubt that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are totally together, then look no further than Brock University.

Seriously, Hollywood's hottest hunk took his gorgeous GF to Ontario, Canada for his mum's college graduation—sending fans of the couple into an adorable tizzy over the sexy twosome sighting.

So, did Gos and Eva cause a stir at the graduation? And what's the latest with this seemingly perfect pair?!

Ry was the ideal doting son, of course! He and Eva made the day all about Mama Gosling's graduation, opting out of interviews or pics with fans.

But that doesn't mean fellow attendees were any less star struck by the twosome—Twitter exploded as eager students tweeted their excitement and Instagrammed pics of the pair:


"Just saw Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes...just the back of them but still the most exciting thing that's happened here #BrockU #starstruck."

"I freaking saw Ryan Gosling! I saw him in people size! Be jealous! #sexypieceofass"

"Just saw Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes on bloor in #Toronto they are stunningly good looking. Ladies, we have no chance."

"Ridiculous...I thought I saw Ryan Gosling yesterday and was like nahhhhhh, and now to find out he WAS here! Gah. #neverknow."

And that's just the beginning of the fan frenzy that ensued (you can check out more tweets here, here or here), but you shouldn't be surprised! We know the abtastic Mr. Gosling has a way with the ladies.

But even more stirring than the sexy sighting is the family outing with Eva in tow. The duo first debuted at Disneyland back in September and this latest news seems to mean all signs point to very serious for the gorgeous couple of nearly 10 months.

It's no secret Ryan would love to settle down and Eva's last relaysh with filmmaker George Augusto lasted for nearly 10 years.

Dare we say a walk down the aisle could be next for this adorable twosome?!

Either way, Eva's found herself a real-life hero, mama's boy and the hunkiest hottie in H'Wood (we're seriously jeal!).

Hang on tight girl, this one's a keeper. And if not? There are plenty of Brock University babes willing to take your place.