By the look of some new scenes from The Dark Knight Rises unveiled at last night's MTV Movie Awards, Batman's got a big problem on his hands.

And his name is Bane.

The latest glimpse of the summer's most anticipated flick begins with Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman being questioned by Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Gotham City police officer.

"You made some mistakes, Ms. Kyle?" intones Gordon-Levitt's character.

"A girl's gotta eat," Miss Kitty replies.

"And you have an appetite. Why would you run? You can't hide from us with a record like this," he responds. 

"Maybe it's not you I'm running from," she says.

Enter the Dark Knight's most formidable foe yet, as fans were treated to a revealing look into what's supposed to be a centerpiece sequence in the trilogy-capper—Bane, played by Tom Hardy, breaking into the Batcave and purportedly doing great harm to the Caped Crusader.

"Let the games begin!" he declares.

From there it's epic heart-pounding action all the way as we're offered up a montage including clips of bridges imploding; Batman on the Batpod and taking off in the Batwing; his brutal fight with his terrifying nemesis; Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon holding up a flare; Matthew Modine firing an automatic weapon; shots of Batman's nemesis hijacking a plane; and their final showdown on the streets of Gotham. 

Before introducing the new footage of The Dark Knight Rises , stars Christian Bale, Oldman and Gordon-Levitt took the stage for what ended up being an emotional look back at the first two entries in the acclaimed series as Bale choked up upon seeing footage of his late friend and costar Heath Ledger, who played the Joker in The Dark Knight.

"Great to remember Heath. Wonderful to see Heath Ledger there," he said.

The Bat finale hits theaters July 20.

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