Close your eyes and repeat after us: Mirror mirror on the wall…Snow White and the Huntsman hits theaters in two days, y'all!

OK, so that's not exactly the fairest rhyme, but after months of anticipation we can't help but squeal with excitement that the epic Snow White smackdown is about to finally hit the box office with a bang.

And since we know you loyal SWATH fans are equally as anxious, we're oh-so-thrilled to reveal an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip with commentary from costars Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart and the ever-so-sexy Chris Hemsworth.

Check it out: This is one fairy-tale fight you don't want to miss.

"I really had a great time making this film; it's amazing how relevant the story is after all these years," Queen Charlize explains. "It's always walking this very fine line of heightened fantasy and harsh realities."

And from the looks of the latest clip, heightened fantasy and harsh reality is the par-fait description. The clip shows the Evil Queen Charlize giving the Huntsman (Hemsworth) instructions to "hunt" K.Stew down, and we just can't get enough of Charlize's wickedly evil alter-ego. And don't even get us started on the hunky Hemsworth—dude looks so divine in his awesome armor and sexy scruff that we almost forgot he's on a mission to kill our fave badass babe.

Oh, and speaking of badass, Kristen Stewart brings a whole new side to the soft Snow White. She looks utterly terrified as she travels through the dark forest (how scary are those snakes?!), but then shows off her strength as she fights for her life.

Seriously, between Charlize's sinister stare and Kristen's combination of beauty and strength, the women are killing it in this flick. 

"The land is almost a character in the film," Kristen begins in her behind-the-scenes commentary. "It really does take you somewhere that's other worldly."

Can't argue with that! The stunning costumes, the enchanted green forest and all the unusual creatures make you feel like you've climbed into a twisted version of your favorite fairytale.

"I love these types of films," chimes in the ever-so-hunky Hemsworth. "These stories that have a real heart at the center of them."

And based on the way Char, Kris and Chris continue gushing over the flick, we're anticipating a whole lotta heart and an epic amount of action in this fantasy flick.

The exclusive clip ends with shots of shattering glass, brilliant battle scenes, magical creatures, and Charlize's deliciously dark ‘come hither' stare, leaving us in a full-blow fairytale fluster.

Consider us obsessed, excited and, dare we say, a tad bit scared, as we wait for this cast ever to hit the big screen.

Sound off below with your thoughts on the clip!

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