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Twi-hards, sink your teeth into this: Stephenie Meyers The Host is so not the next Twilight.

Seriously, S.M. has traded her sparkly vamps for out-of-this-world aliens in her follow up to the Twilight juggernaut—the sci-fi flick's directed by Andrew Niccols and stars Irish beauty Saoirse Ronan and MTV News caught up with Ms. Meyer on set in New Mexico where she gushed over her involvement in the production.

But that wasn't all Steph had to spill, she couldn't help toss a subtle diss regarding the two Twilight stars who weren't by her side. Can you guess who?!

"It makes it a lot calmer," Steph 'fessed up when asked if it felt odd not to have Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on set. "I do miss them [Rob and Kristen] though."

Say what?! Was that a Twilight diss, Ms. Meyer? It's no secret there was mucho drama on the Twilight set and we're guessing Steph's relieved not to be dealing with all those horny teens and crazy love triangles. (Really, can you blame her?)

Still, Steph has lots of love for the two stars who made her flick such a sensation (well, at least one of them):

"It seems funny not to have Kristen here, you know I'm on a set and I can't talk to Kristen…that's a little funny," Meyer admitted.

Who knew Steph was such a Krisbian?! And uh, what about Rob and poor Taylor Lautner?!

Anyway, from her K.Stew loving comments to her kind words on Fifty Shades of Grey, we're big fans of Ms. Meyer's 'tude as of late and as production continues on The Host, we're getting excited to see what else Steph has up that supernatural sleeve.

Here's a quick refresher of the plot:

In a futuristic world, a parasitic alien race called Souls invade human bodies and erase their personalities, but Melanie Stryder (Saoirse Ronan) refuses her captor's mind control. Cue the love triangle and the action-packed adventure, as Melanie and her parasite seek out the last of Melanie's human relatives and search for her love.

Sound pretty intense, right? We're certainly excited and even Saoirse Ronan admitted the movie got pretty friggin' physical:

"I didn't expect it to be so physical. I've been in a harness quite a bit, I've done stunts, I jumped off a balcony it was 30 feet in the air," Ronan proudly revealed. "That was pretty cool."

Seems like the perfect departure from all those cheesy Twilight love scenes, and we're anxious to see if the all-star cast hits a high note with Steph's dedicated fan base.

Be sure to check out the rest of the interview for even more on-set secrets! And then hit the comments to share your thoughts on Stephenie's latest flick!

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