Chris Pine, People Like Us


What if you found out you had a sibling you never knew you had?

Well, that's the thrust behind the highly anticipated dramedy People Like Us, featuring a killer cast that includes Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks, Olivia Wilde and Michelle Pfeiffer.

And in this exclusive first look at a scene from the flick, we see Sam (Pine), who is tasked with fulfilling his newly deceased father's wish of delivering a $150,000 inheritance to the sister (Banks) he just learned about, reveal to Hannah (Wilde) the secret his family has been keeping from him all his life.

"As so often happens when you read good material, it doesn't take long after finishing the last page to realize that this will be a part of your life," Pine says in the film's production notes. "I liked the balance of humor and many layers of emotion that had been packed down."

Wilde shares the same sentiment, saying, "It is the kind of move that we all get in this business to make. It's very simple and it's very meaningful and I just hadn't read anything like it, ever."

People Like Us arrives in theaters on June 29.

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