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Uh-oh. Looks like Lindsanity has fully ensued.

At least, according to Radar Online—which claims Lindsay Lohan is extremely unhappy with the casting choices for Richard Burton in the Lifetime movie, Liz & Dick, in which LiLo will play Elizabeth Taylor.

"Lindsay is being an absolute nightmare about who should play Burton," the gossip site insists after noting three possible front-runners for the role.

So, are Lindsay's demands already causing production perils and what the heck is up with the Burton casting couch (since there are only 13 days until filming is set to begin)?

According to Radar Online, producers narrowed down the casting to Gossip Girl's Matthew Settle, English actor Sean Maguire and British hunk Craig Robert Young for the role of Richard Burton—but LiLo found those choices to be highly unacceptable, as she wants to share the boob tube glory with a "major A-list star."

But, don't let LiLo's former antics fool ya, as our Liz & Dick insider insists this is not the case:

"Lindsay was hired to play a role and all casting decisions are being left up to the producers of the film, as they should be," a source said to E! News. "She's fine with whoever they choose. She's not worried."

What an impressive 'tude from the oft-troubled star! But even though Linds apparently isn't concerned, we're a bit baffled how production expects to stick to sched—producer Larry Thompson recently confirmed that the flick is set to begin filming June 4 and uh, we're no math experts, but according to our calculations, that's 13 days away.

Still, our source is adamant that Lindsay is not the hold up and "Lindsay is not concerned" about there still being no Dick to compliment LiLo's Liz. A second insider also confirms the Radar story is complete "fiction" and LiLo herself has been tweeting up a storm: 

"Working is the best medicine," the Mean Girls star wrote on her Twitter account. "I cannot wait... everyone at #Lifetimefilms is wonderful!"

OK, rumor officially debunked and we're excited for LiLo as well! But that still doesn't mean the Burton casting couch is looking any brighter.

Lifetime recently told us there are "no updates yet on our end" and we reached out again to see if either Settle, Maguire or Young are indeed front-runners for the role.

No word back yet, but be sure to keep checking in—we hear an announcement could possibly come within the next 24 hours.

Uh, finally. Now, how totally fetch would that be?!

Sound off below with your last minute suggestions!

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