Bill Murray, Hyde Park on Hudson

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Now here's a new deal for Bill Murray.

In a role that seems tailor-made for awards season, the Lost in Translation star plays President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Hyde Park on the Hudson, which appears to be kind of a whimsical take on a meeting between the leader of the free world and the English royals.

Abetted by Laura Linney and an amazingly transformed Olivia Williams as Eleanor Roosevelt, Murray brings an impish quality as the 32nd president, the only one to be elected to four terms. As well, the Democratic icon survived a bout with polio, which was believed to have been the cause of paralysis in his lower extremities.

The trailer seems to focus on a visit by the royal family and the hijinks that ensue.

And while we might never have imagined Murray as the towering world figure, this trailer gives us hope that he'll be just the guy to unite a divided nation.

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