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If you haven't seen the trailer for the flick What to Expect When You're Expecting, go watch it now, and then expect a lot more. The two-minute preview hardly does the movie justice (trust us, we've seen it!) and the off-set antics are equally as silly as the big-screen result.

Between the prosthetic bellies, fake boobies and Method acting-induced hormones, there's no denying things got weird with the A-list cast on set.

And with their newfound preggers power, leading ladies Brooklyn Decker, Elizabeth Banks, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez had a tad too much fun testing out their baby bumpin' bods.

So, who couldn't stop playing with their new set of breasts that were bigger, better and in full-blown baby shape?

Elizabeth Banks.

Yep, the always fabulous Ms. Banks plays the hormonal be-yotch Wendy, who's been served up a dose of every negative aspect pregnancy has to offer. And true to form, Banks is brilliant in the role.

But costar Ben Falcone—who plays Elizabeth's onscreen hubby—had no qualms dishing a little dirt on his gal's off-set antics at the What to Expect When You're Expecting press junket in Beverly Hills on Saturday:

"Elizabeth had these giant, ya know, boobs put in and she did play with her own boobs all the time," Ben revealed when we asked him if he ever had to deal with that bitchy pregnancy 'tude when the cameras stopped rolling.

LOL! But we're just happy for Ben that Elizabeth didn't embrace a Method acting approach. Gal is your typical crazy pregnant lady, but her brutally honest take just makes the movie that much better.

But Elizabeth wasn't the only one with a few baby-bumpin' woes, Matthew Morrison, who plays Cameron Diaz's baby daddy in the flick also spilled a few behind-the-scenes secrets on Cam's baby bod:

"I know Cameron had some problems with depth perception, like she was just bumping into stuff, where she saw a little space and was like 'Oh yeah, I can fit through there,' but she kinda didn't fit through there," Morrison laughed.

But hey, who can blame Cam for forgetting she's not supposed to be a size zero on set—at least no one got hurt while filming the rom-com flick, right?

Well, sorta.

"I almost got a black eye, she hit me once with the belly," Morrison fessed at the press junket.

Bet you're glad you didn't have to explain that injury to your Glee costars, huh Matt? After all, this is a movie about getting knocked up not out.

What to Expect When You're Expecting hits theaters May 18.

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