Week in Review

After a week like the last one, you just gotta pick yourself up and dust yourself off.

Right, Kim?

Luckily, there was plenty of all new news to relish this week in addition to the floury fallout from a certain reality star's misadventure on the red carpet.

Feel free to dig in and enjoy!

BAD BLOOD: Amandla Stenberg, Lenny Kravitz and Dayo Okeniyi were the targets of some racially charged tweets directed at their roles in The Hunger Games. Being the class act that she is, onscreen and off, 13-year-old Amandla said simply that she remained honored and thrilled to be a part of the blockbuster film. And we were thrilled to watch her, Lenny and Dayo play their roles perfectly.

FUR REAL: Khloé Kardashian Odom stands up for sister Kim by quitting a defiant PETA after it turned out that she knew the sister of the woman who flour-bombed Kim (there's video footage to prove it) and strikes down divorce rumors. All in a week's work for Khloé!

OVERTIME: While it was always ironic that it was going to take Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries longer to get divorced than it took to plan a wedding and be married, it appears that Kris' side is holding up the proceedings with an eye on getting more money out of the deal. Now he wants a full accounting of any assets she acquired or let go of—donated wedding gifts included—during their 72-day union...In the meantime, Kim assured her fans that she didn't go rebounding with Eva Longoria's ex, Eduardo Cruz...And, happily, she made it through her first post-flouring red carpet, the launch party for Valentino's new Beverly Hills flagship store, without incident.

Kendall Jenner, Twitter


COPPERTONE GIRL: Kendall Jenner couldn't help but steal the swimsuit show this week with one bikini twitpic, just as her big sisters launched (and modeled) their new swimwear line for Sears.

VAN DER BABY: James Van Der Beek and wife Kimberly welcomed a son they've so normally named Joshua.

RING AROUND THE RUMOR: Miley Cyrus was rockin' a huge rock, leading the question of whether she and longtime beau Liam Hemsworth were engaged. Negatory, but that doesn't mean Liam's off kissing other girls like Teresa Palmer or anything. Well, he is, but the hottie doesn't only work for The Hunger Games.

OCTONOT: Nadya "Octomom" Suleman posed topless and all-around nearly nude for...well, we're not quite sure yet—besides for money, that is.

POOR FORM: Kate Gosselin got dissed by her old Dancing With the Stars partner, Tony Dovolani. That's no way to treat a lady on her 37th birthday!...Hey, Tony lasted longer with Kate than he did with Martina Navratilova!

BIRD BRAIN: Alicia Silverstone shocked and awed with a video that showed her feeding 10-month-old son Bear straight out of her own mouth.

THE SPLITS: Peter Facinelli filed for divorce from Jennie Garth, who admits the breakup was Peter's idea...Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana have stopped seeing each other.

STILL AT IT: Peter Cook and Christie Brinkley are still taking public potshots at each other, nearly four years after divorcing. Makes sense—the kids are much older and can really pay attention to mom and dad fighting now.

OFF-LEASH: Lindsay Lohan "successfully" completed probation! It's a Christmas miracle! One that she celebrated with a suite full of people at Chateau Marmont.

WEDDING BELLS: Lake Bell is engaged to tattoo artist Scott Campbell...Raising Sextuplets mom Jenny Masche tied the knot with Levi McClendon, who now has six stepkids...Jerry Lee Lewis tied the knot for the seventh time...The Biggest Loser's Megan Stone engaged to boyfriend Michael.

ROMANTIC MUSINGS: Jason Segel and Michelle Williams? Could be happening...Katy Perry says she's single, but that doesn't mean she hasn't canoodled with Baptiste Giabiconi...Rihanna also insists she's single and not dating Ashton Kutcher...Jamie-Lynn Sigler is dating Washington Nationals player Cutter Dykstra...The Bachelor's Ben and Courtney have not moved in together yet...Joel Kinnaman took Olivia Munn to The Killing's season two premiere.

BABY BOOM: Andrea Bocelli and fiancée Veronica Berti welcomed a daughter, Virginia...January Jones has been popping her-own-placenta pills since birthing baby Xander.

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LAW & DISORDER: Rob Kardashian detained but not arrested by Miami cops after a paparazzi scuffle...Amy Winehouse's $4.66 million estate went to her parents, Mitch and Janis...Spike Lee has agreed to compensate the elderly couple he inadvertently linked to Trayvon Martin's killing by tweeting their address, thinking it was the address of the guy who pulled the trigger, George Zimmerman...Geraldo Rivera faced fallout from his hoodie remark...Jaleel White, now a big hit on Dancing With the Stars, responds to allegations from an ex that he abused her...Gordon Ramsay settles lawsuit against London P.R. firm owner...Bobby Brown charged with DUI, swears he was just talking on the phone...Model Lauren Scruggs accepts a seven-figure insurance settlement from the owner of the plane whose propeller cut her hand off...Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green sued for alleged assault on paparazzo.

HOSPITAL CORNER: Ryan Seacrest had an outpatient procedure on his elbow...Country star George Jones was hospitalized with an upper respiratory infection...American Idol alum Asia'h Epperson discharged from hospital after serious car accident...Bee Gees brother Robin Gibb underwent surgery for a perforated intestine...Jack Osbourne had an appendectomy...Gallagher rehospitalized after having his second heart attack in two weeks.

FAREWELL: Bluegrass and banjo-pickin' legend Earl Scruggs died at 88.

TV LAND: Keith Olbermann fired up over getting fired by Current TV...Jimmy Kimmel is hosting the Emmys this year...Ousted American Idol hopeful Heejun Han talks about what's next for him...Jennifer Love Hewitt takes off a lot of clothes for the new Lifetime series The Client List...Stars of Modern Family want a raise...Glee and Smash stars are a hit at GLAAD Media Awards...Camille Grammer leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills...Which shows tanked this week?

RECAPVILLE: Catch up on Survivor: One World, American Idol, The Voice, Dancing With the Stars, Celebrity Apprentice and Mad Men.

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SCREEN PLAY: Kristen Stewart talks steamy Fifty Shades of Grey...There will be an Anchorman sequel, with flutes and everything!...20th Century Fox pulls Neighborhood Watch teasers and posters in aftermath of Trayvon Martin shooting...We review Lily Collins and Julia Roberts in Mirror Mirror and Sam Worthington and Liam Neeson in Wrath of the Titans.

TRAILER PARK: Vampire Bella looks hungry in Breaking Dawn: Part 2...Jennifer Lawrence tries to make it out of the House at the End of the Street alive...Sacha Baron Cohen is a despotic buffoon lost in Manhattan in The Dictator.

MUSICAL NOTES: Listen to Jennifer Lopez's new single, "Dance Again"...Aerosmith announce summer tour...Australian band Jet pack it in...Madonna denied Deadmau5's jab that MDNA promotes Ecstasy use...Watch The Vampire Diaries star Kat Graham's "Put Your Grafitti on Me" video...Lady Gaga stars in a picture of herself sans makeup.

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