Taylor Swift, Josh Hutcherson

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Dear Ted:  
I am absolutely loving the Taylor Swift songs on the Hunger Games soundtrack. This got me wondering would you approve of a Josh Hutcherson-Taylor Swift coupling? I think they would be totally adorbs together!

Dear Swiftly Paired:
True, Josh and Taylor both rock that sweet-as-pie persona, but methinks Tay's better off with a man like Tim Tebow. Josh is sexy, sure, but Taylor would tower over the 5-foot 6-inch star. Hutch should be with someone, er, on his level, and there are plenty of shorties just as sweet as Tay. What do you think of Lily Collins instead?

Dear Ted:
Glad to hear Jake Gyllenhaal is happy for Reese Witherspoon's pregnancy. Which leads me to wonder, do you think he is the sort of guy to have parental urgings that need to be satisfied?

Dear Baby Daddy:
Not sure if Jakey's hoping for a tot of his own, but he would make a phenomenal father. Did you see him around Reese's kiddos? Dude's totally got that parental instinct. Now, let's find Jake a new GF and let the baby-making begin!

Dear Ted:  
What do you think about Rooney Mara for the part of Johanna? She's got both the sweet thing and the "don't mess with me" thing going on. Agree? Maybe not? What say you?

Dear the Girl and the Games:
Great suggestion acting-wise, we love Ms. Mara and think she'd be fab in the part. But Rooney's already the face of the Dragon Tattoo franchise, so don't hold your breath for a cross-over. We highly doubt it will happen.

Dear Ted:  
Love your column! I spend my lunch break catching up on all the latest. I've seen the advertising for Mirror Mirror and I think Lily Collins looks a lot like a young Audrey Hepburn. What do you think? New movie project idea? Thanks!

Dear My Fair Lily:
I'll level with you on the resemblance—Lil does look an awful lot like a young Audrey in the Mirror Mirror poster. Not sure if Lil's ready to take on the role of an icon just yet, but hey, Lindsay Lohan's playing Elizabeth Taylor, so ya never know!

Dear Ted:  
Whenever Naya Rivera is brought up, you seem to allude to the idea that she causes issues on the Glee set. I was just wondering what exactly she does to start trouble. It's hard to believe, because her Glee coworkers like Dianna Agron, Darren Criss, Kevin McHale, and Heather Morris always gush about how sweet and funny she is. Is it all for show? What's the deal?

Dear Sweet Santana:
We'd be completely exaggerating if we told you Naya's hated by all her costars. Of course, gal's adored by many at McKinley High! But, Naya's also the type to speak her mind and she's not afraid to go after what she wants. Doesn't mean she's a troublemaker, per say, she's just a no BS kinda girl. Get it?

Dear Ted:
What are your thoughts on the Cosmopolis teaser that was released today? Hit or miss?
Cin A.

Dear Love It:
Total hit. We can't wait to see more.

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