The Last Stand, johnny Knoxville, Arnold Schwarzenegger


Arnold Schwarzenegger may not be governor of California anymore.

And his marriage may have crumbled because of his cheating ways.

But that won't stop the big guy from having a good time back in Hollywood...

Johnny Knoxville worked alongside Schwarzenegger in his first post-governor movie, The Last Stand.

"I had a ball with him," the Jackass star told me at the this weekend at the South by Southwest premiere of his comedy Nature Calls. "He was great. The guy just loves being around people. He's such a positive guy."

The film revolves around a small-town Texas sheriff (Schwarzenegger) who must prevent a drug king from fleeing across the border. "You can tell he was psyched to be making a movie again," Knoxville said.

Knoxville said of filming action scenes with Schwarzenegger, "We were shooting it out with the bad guys. I felt like I should just retire after that."

In Nature Calls, Knoxville plays the brother of a man (Patton Oswalt) who takes his young son and some of his friends on a camping trip that goes hilariously awry. "We're trying to make an eighties R-rated naughty movie like Meatballs or Bad News Bears," Knoxville said, adding with a laugh, "I like hearing kids swear."

The flick was also comedian Patrice O'Neal's last movie before he passed away in November.

"It's bittersweet," Nature director Todd Rohal said. "But the great thing is I get to see him whenever I want by watching the movie."

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