Even if theaters full of people don't get to see Jennifer Aniston's bare breasts, it doesn't mean her breasts were never bare.

"There's no way you can sum this movie up," the actress tells E! News of her new comedy, Wanderlust. "There are naked people, it's raunchy, it's raucous. There's a story in there of a couple forced out of their city...We [she and onscreen hubby Paul Rudd] take a detour to this commune and we just have a life-changing experience."

Life-changing, as in that she's one of those "naked people"?

"There was a lot" of nudity on the set, Aniston admitted in additional comments to ET Canada. "Bottomless, topless. Yeah, there is. It's happening...'Liberating' is a good word to use.'"

And let's not forget that she and another costar, Justin Theroux, are still wanderlusting after each other to this day.

Ironically, though Theroux says living with the inevitable tabloid stories about him and Aniston is "100 percent" worth it, being happy "within the confines of [his] own home" sounds a little less-than-liberating.

But happily, he remains commune-cool on the subject.

"I don't really deal with it," he tells E! News when asked to expand on a previous remark about there being "another me" out there in the headlines.

"I just had to get comfortable with the fact that by the nature of the person I'm seeing, people are going to invent truly insane things or stories to write about me," he says. "Like, 'that's what's happening to us this week.' It's not real to me."

Besides, Aniston is probably pretty liberated around him on a regular basis.

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