George Clooney, The Descendents

Fox Searchlight

George Clooney is one of Hollywood's hottest leading men.

But he doesn't always feel like it.

In fact, there was a time not so long ago when the A-list actor and two-time Sexiest Man Alive didn't feel so macho at all...

We're talking about his running in flip-flops sequence in The Descendants.

"I don't run great in flip-flops," Clooney said at last night's New York Times' TimesTalks Q&A at the SilverScreen Theater in West Hollywood. "It was a little frustrating because I did it the first time in those shoes and I thought it would be funny and I was sort of screwing around.

"Then [director] Alexander [Payne] seemed to like it and I realized I would have to do it a lot more," he continued. "And I also realized it would sort of end all masculinity for me for the rest of my life!"

Meanwhile, Clooney couldn't help pulling pranks while on set in Hawaii. The 50-year-old prankster liked to break out his handy-dandy fart machine, but 20-year-old breakout starlet Shailene Woodley wasn't fazed a bit.

"There's really only one kid actor [in the film], Amara [Miller]," Clooney said. "Shailene was the adult on set. I've got the fart machine and she was like, 'Really? Put that away, we gotta work.'"

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