Kristen Stewart, Karl Lagerfeld

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He called Adele too fat. He ripped on Lana Del Rey's looks too. But did Karl Lagerfeld subliminally throw shade Kristen Stewart's way?

Yesterday, fashion icon Lagerfeld sounded off to Metro Paris with his take on the latest tabloid talk and held back nothing when it came to discussing the latest stars on the music scene.

So how does the Twilight babe factor into all this?

When asked about MIA's scandalous middle finger at the Super Bowl, Karl snipped: "Nowadays people give the middle finger quite quickly—it's not the best behavior. Everybody does that, what's new about that? It's just become a bad habit."

A "bad habit" that K.Stew showed Karl first-hand last week.

Remember, while in Paris last week shooting Vanity Fair with Karl, Kristen gave the one finger salute while paparazzi looked on (which, of course, caused internet chaos about Ms. Stewart's 'tude).

Was the gesture directed towards Karl? Probably not, but he definitely witnessed it. Ya know, kinda like when he watched fashion maven (and suspected Devil in Prada) Anna Wintour flip the bird.

So does Karl think Anna and K.Stew deserve some etiquette lessons? Or do they get a free pass ‘cause they're skinny, chic and editorial-ready?

Or do you not even care what Karl has to say? This is, after all, the same dude who claimed Heidi Klum was "too heavy" to be a runway model. And I think we can all agree that's crazy talk.

Either way, Mr. Lagerfeld, we say be careful what words you're letting out of that big trap. Reflect upon what happened to John Galliano. Sure, Galliano's rants were much, much worse, but we will just say this:

Karma's a bey-otch.

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