Ricky Gervais, Golden Globes

Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Hawking for hawks? Shilling for snakes?  Ricky Gervais might do just that.

The English comedian has a big decision to make: should he sell out and put the money he earns toward an animal sanctuary?

The Golden Globes host took to his blog to shares his "cunning plan" to help wildlife…But how exactly would this work?

Gervais would "start doing all those things I've turned down for years; commercials, corporates, merchandising, etc. and use the money to build an animal sanctuary."

He mused that he could "still do all the things I love with integrity, but also amass a secondary fortune from things I couldn't give a f--k about and then live in my own forest with wolves and bears."

And if people get tired of Gervais pimping out products? "It won't matter," he wrote. "I'll be in the forest with wolves and bears. Wolves and bears! It might be genius. £50 million should be enough."

OK, then. Let's throw him to the wolves!

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