Lana Del Rey

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Dear Ted:
People are really bashing Lana Del Rey for her Saturday Night Live debut. It's kinda insane! I started listening to her because Team Truth recommended her and absolutely love her music. And I think she's gorgeous too. Why is everyone being so mean?

Dear Rey of Light:
Tough Q, doll. People love hating on the Internet—Lana's not the first and she won't be the last. That said, there is a surprising amount of vitriol peeps are spitting her way over this SNL ordeal. And hey, it's not like she was lip-syncing or anything actually controversial like that. She'll move on fine from it. She really is a talent.

Dear Ted:
So I've been catching up on Glee and can't help but notice Naya Rivera has practically taken over the show. You mentioned that she and Lea Michele are like-minded when it comes to their careers. Will that affect the friendship they have supposedly struck up? I can't imagine Lea being happy about Naya getting so much screen time...

Dear Gleeks Gone Wild:
Hardly! Lea and Naya are totally on the same page, hence the BFF-ship. And it helps that Naya hasn't overshadowed Lea yet. Seems they've found a way to balance it so each gets her time in the limelight.

Dear Ted:
Rumor has it (according to Life & Style) that Emily VanCamp and hottie, hot hot Josh Bowman from Revenge are kissing costars. I love the show and think they'd be a really cute couple. Josh is just so hot, did I mention that? Please tell me they're the real deal, Ted!

Dear Life Imitating Art:
If they are, they're certainly not as hot and heavy as some tabloids want you to believe. The two spent the night partying across the room from each other at a recent Golden Globe fete, Emily with her girlie costars and Josh with some guy pals. I can promise you no spit was swapped.

Dear Ted:
When I read Angelina Jolie describing how Brad Pitt found her crying in the shower (because of pressures of directing her debut film), my first reaction wasn't "poor woman," it was that she found another way to publicize her sex life! She simply could have said she had a meltdown. Why mention the shower here? Or even the boyfriend? Unless you want to bring in casual nudity and the fact that People's Sexiest Man Alive walks in on you showering all the time. Tell me Ted, I'm concerned—have I become totally jaded? Should I have a break from reading gossip, and spend time cuddling kittens?

Dear Brangelina Be Warned:
I think a little TLC from a furry friend might help calm your woes, KL. C'mon, Angelina might be crafty but she told a funny, self-deprecating story about how nervous she was. Contrary to what some might think, she is human, after all. It's hardly a H'wood conspiracy.

Dear Ted:
Was Justin Timberlake working with Cameron Diaz during Bad Teacher ever a problem for Jessica Biel? I just feel like no matter what, old feelings must have come up considering J.T. and Cameron dated for so long.

Dear Blast from the Past:
I'm sure it wasn't Jess's ideal sitch, but who's got the ring on her finger these days? Well allegedly...ya know, 'cause she sure hasn't been wearing it.

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