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People's Choice Winner. Critics' Choice Winner. And tomorrow we'll learn if Bridesmaids can slap Golden Globe Winner on to that prestigious résumé as well.

When we caught up with scene-stealing housewife Wendi McLendon-Covey, she told us she's loving all the attention, joking, "Now I'm greedy. Now I want all the awards! Best Foreign Digital Short? I'm taking it for Bridesmaids!"

Hey, we're sure you can make a case for why you deserve it. But what are Wendi's thoughts on the impending Oscar race? And what message did she have for the bad boys of The Hangover?

Hey, Bradley Cooper, you should feel lucky Kristen Wiig and Co. didn't make it to Vegas!

If you'll recall, the ladies were on their way to Sin City when some pills, lots of booze and a colonial woman on the plane's wing forced them to touch down before they could make it.

So we had to ask Wendi if she was ever bummed they didn't get to take the bridal party hijinx to the city that really never sleeps: "No. Because that movie's been done," she quickly told us at the Critics' Choice Awards After Party. "We've seen that thing where they go to Vegas, and I think it's good that we didn't get there."

And when we just so casually mentioned to Wendi that they could have one-upped the Hangover dudes she laughed and told us, "Yeah, we could have."

Hmmm, maybe in the sequel, eh? Either way, if Ms. Wiig has anything to do with it, we know the eventual Bridesmaids sequel will definitely outshine the carbon copy Hangover 2 sequel.

But on to the Oscar biz! We've long been championing Bridesmaids as a rightful contender in the Best Picture race. But will the sometimes-stuffy Academy's fear of comedies get in the way?

"It's easy to say that; however, they did recognize Tropic Thunder a couple years ago which was pretty insane," Wendi weighed in. "I don't think they have a bias against it, but they have a bias against things that are just gratuitously silly. We have a little more heart to our movie. In the realm of what is possible, maybe we may get a nomination. It sure would be fun."

Fun and kinda groundbreaking. We'll keep our fingers crossed, ladies!

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