What good-girl image?

Miley Cyrus is growing up and bidding adieu to her sugary Hannah Montana alter ego in her latest flick, LOL. Starring as Lola (but FYI, everyone calls her Lol), Miley takes on the role of a teen with a wild side who's wrapped up in the confusing world of swoopy-haired boys, parents, love, school, friends, social media...

Let's see, did we forget anything?

Oh yeah, sex. Nothing like having your mom discover a box of condoms for some grounded good times. It's a lot to wrap your head around when you're young.

Running the gamut of seemingly every parental headache in the book, Lol jumps headfirst into discovering herself, even telling her boyfriend that she needs him to sleep with her. But when the mix of skipping school, parties, concerts and hooking up begin to take their tole on her academic performance, mom (Demi Moore) puts her foot down. While being a teenager is fine, there are a few things she won't tolerate, like her daughter messing up her life.

The road to finding out who you are and what you stand for can be a bumpy one; though in the end, it's conflict like this that leads to a bond stronger than anything mother and daughter could have imagined.

What do you think? Can Miley pull off this racy, wild-child part?

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