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Surprise! Kiefer Sutherland was bombarded with 24 questions when the Touch panel took the stage today at Fox's TCA presentation. Questions like: "How is this character like Jack Bauer?" "Doesn't this show seem similar to 24?" "If I attack the stage like a crazed panther, will you be able to stop me, Bauer-style?"

That last question was us, but don't worry, we only asked it in our minds. Because after all, as Kiefer told us again and again (and again!), Touch should not be compared to 24. But at least he was nice enough to reveal plans for the 24 movie...

First of all, it should be said that not only was Sutherland not interested in getting back to television so soon after 24, but creator Tim Kring (Heroes) revealed that the Touch pilot was not even written with Kiefer in mind.

So why did Sutherland decide to pull the trigger again with another TV show? "[The script] had a profound effect one me. The reason I made the choice was because it spoke to me," he says.

And in regard to comparisons to his new character to Jack Bauer, Sutherland explains: "The real driving force for my character is to communicate with my son. The rest of the stuff is really for the audience and how one thing can affect another. The one parallel that I can bring from the two characters is that Jack Bauer was asked to save the day and there were always going to be casualties. And this character Martin Bohm is never going to have the perfect idyllic relationship with his son. They'll both never completely win, and that is one thing that I'm drawn to certainly as an actor."

And, much to Sutherland's relief, his Touch character isn't running around the entire episode. "He gets to sit down and he gets to have an intimate conversation," he says. "This is not a serialized show like 24 was. There's a beginning a middle and an end. There's almost an immediate result in a situation."

Got the memo? Touch is not 24. We don't need another show like that, because we've got a 24 movie to look forward to!

"Hopefully we will be shooting end of April, beginning of May," Sutherland reveals.

Touch premieres Wednesday, Jan. 25 on Fox.

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